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Invitation letter

We are inviting you to a Congress of Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM) in Prague, Czech Republic, which is especially targeted to physicians from Central and Eastern Europe using Collagen MDs. This symposium has been requested by physicians practicing PRM because firstly they feel they need to exchange their experience with other colleagues and secondly they need to get new information for their clinical practice. We believe that the PRM Symposium in Prague will satisfy the above mentioned targets and that it will become a traditional conference, which will be organized every year. At the same time we are grateful to the International Academy of PRM led by Professor Leonello Milani for their support and cooperation . Many thanks to Company GUNA SpA - Italy for their support. GUNA President Dr. Alessandro Pizzoccaro will officialy open the PRM Symposium in Prague.

As far as the scientific program is concerned, this time we chose the most frequent topics, which are definitely the most interesting to physicians. These  especially included the treatment of musculoskeletal pain with MD-injections. In the Czech Republic and in Slovakia there is an increasing number of orthopedists, rheumatologists, neurologists and physiotherapists who use MD-injections. Today, thousands of patients are satisfied with this treatment. Their doctors have submitted us hundreds of case reports. These reports show  that MD-injections reduce consumption of analgesics and corticosteroids, besides increasing benefits without causing side effects. This fact was also confirmed by a  post-registration, blind, clinical study carried out and completed at the Rheumatology Institute in Prague, on a group of 100 probands suffering from "low back pain". To achieve long-term and comparable relief from back pain in both groups, the group treated with  local anesthetic trimecaine used a double amount of  a rescue medication (paracetamol) compared to the amount used by a group treated only with collagen MD-injections. Indeed, the main investigator Professor Karel Pavelka, board member of EULAR, will personally present the results of the study at the PRM conference. Other lectures will focus on the systemic PRM. Some lectures will be held by physicians on this topic. These physicians are well experienced  in the treatment of respiratory infections or autism in children. Professor Pier Mario Biava will also make an extraordinary presentation from the oncologic point of view .

As you can see above, the program of the conference is very interesting and useful for clinical practice of physicians.We thank you in advance for your support and participation, as PRM – as an innovative medicine - deserves our mutual attention. Nowadays the model of Western medicine in terms of pharmacotherapy - based on a benefit / risk analysis - is going through a period of crisis, and provides very questionable results. All this gives PRM an opportunity to cure diseases carefully and effectively. In this context the symposium in Prague will be a challenge: "Let's give a chance to PRM"!

I look forward to meeting all of you in Prague!
PharmDr. Lucie Kotlarova
President of Czech Academy of PRM